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The field of computing is growing rapidly

Computer technology is growing fast and getting in our lives more than ever.

A result of this growth is the explosion of computer related tech products and the expansion of fields in computing. Web & Cloud, Software, Hardware, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain to name a few.

Number of developer products are increasing and each one of them come with their own intricate details with their specs, APIs, use cases, integrations. In the meanwhile there is a shortage of developers and developer training.

Number of products and tools you can use in Google Cloud. (Source: https://github.com/gregsramblings/google-cloud-4-words)

Easy learning and adoption are key factors in determining who will win

Making it super easy to adopt complex technologies is a key factor in determining growth and popularity of a technology, platform or product.

The product learning experience can make the difference between winning and losing a market.

As of this writing AWS surpassed Google Cloud in adoption and one of the reasons is the steep learning curve associated with using Google Cloud in its early days.

Once this initial battle is lost, power law suggests that the winner grows exponentially dominating the market.

Customers adopt well explained solutions.

Old way - Build a product, share documentation, assign support engineers, let customers figure it all out and hope for the best.

New way - Developer advocates show how solutions work and educate on the ways a product can be used.

Example: Sendgrid CEO builds an app to explain how to use their solution.

An effective way to explain a product is video training

A customer will get confident with your solution if she feels helped with lots of training material, describing how to leverage the solution in detail. She will also trust your brand more.

Unlike text, video can help a user learn a concept or how to use a product, or develop a solution as if the trainer is present one on one. Text can be used as a supplement that reinforces the explanation.

Video guides scale, saving many engineering and support hours.

Video training scales your team, be it core engineers or support. Once a video is shot, it can scale to help thousands of customers, internal teams, cutting precious time spent training by core engineers and support staff.

Tech Buzz

At Tech Buzz we teach you how an industrial tech works with videos. We then build a solution and provide you with details so that you can launch your projects faster. We focus in areas of Cloud, Embedded and IoT chips, Web, and AI.


Founder: Bahadir Balban - Previously built an embedded hypervisor and microkernel, virtualized the linux kernel, started and sold a high tech company. Profile on Buzz

Back-end SW Engineer: Deepak Gupta - Previous experience with databases, handling the backend and database models. Profile on Buzz

UI / UX Design: Mizko Media, world class designer Michael Wong and his team.

Buzz Text Editor: Buzz team put together the Buzz editor from libraries made available by Marijn Haverbeke. Marijn helps on a regular basis to improve the Buzz editor. His text editor ProseMirror powers the New York Times.

Engineer/Intern: Claus Marvin Omolo, a Stanford EECS graduate student.


The company Buzz Software Inc is based in Mountain View, CA. We work remotely.

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